Ritz-Carlton unveils new brand platform

Chain's latest platform will incorporate social media, art and film
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The Ritz-Carlton Group has unveiled a new brand platform, based around the slogan, 'Let Us Stay With You.'

Reversing the common question, the hotel chain is looking to create a unique experience that addresses the true needs of guests in the luxury sector, rather than tailoring to a specfic geography. The campaign will incorporate film, social media and a redesign of the Ritz-Carlton website which will debut in October.

"We worked with a dynamic cross-section of more than 35,000 ladies and gentlemen around the world to define the pillars of the new brand platform” said Chris Gabaldon, chief sales and marketing officer of the luxury hotel company. “We made a deliberate decision not to call this a ‘campaign’ or ‘advertising programme’ because we feel this platform is so much more than that. It is a series of guidelines which inform how we interact with our guests, which new products and services we introduce, how we train and evangelize our employees, and even our design décor strategy.”

“The Ritz-Carlton is a brand that has proven the test of time and has continued to elevate its game to compete not only within the luxury hotel sector, but amongst the most elite luxury labels in the world," says Herve Humler,president of The Ritz-Carlton. “We continue to deliver a unique blend of refined, yet relevant physical spaces, legendary service, superb craftsmanship by the ladies and gentlemen who work for the company, and innovative services; proof that our legendary icon only continues to improve”.

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