Grosvenor House outlets to become "tourist icons"

Gary Rhodes lounge and Embassy Dubai will follow Buddha Bar's success
Gary Rhodes is the culinary force behind Grosvenor House's new Afternoon Tea
Gary Rhodes is the culinary force behind Grosvenor House's new Afternoon Tea

The new outlets at Grosvenor House Tower Two in Dubai will be positioned as “tourist icons”, complex general manager Pam Wilby told

She said the outlets — which include pan Latin restaurant Toro Toro created with Richard Sandoval, Rhodes in Residence at The Lounge in partnership with Gary Rhodes and Mark Fuller’s nightclub brand Embassy — would offer visitors “different experiences”.


“We’re creating places to go that are different, they are different experiences, and I always say whenever you go into a restaurant it should be an experience, it’s not just about the cuisine, it’s about the entire ambience of the entire place,” said Wilby.

Rather than compete with the hotel’s existing outlets, such as Buddha Bar, Wilby said she expected the new restaurants to follow its success.

“Buddha Bar was a big risk, we took that space and we put that brand in, and it worked,” said Wilby. “Hopefully Toro Toro will do the same. It is a vast amount of space, but we believe it’s another fun venue that people will come to. Will they fight? I don’t believe that because I believe it will be a different type of person, each one will have its niche of people,” she said.

“Buddha Bar became an icon, it’s a tourist icon as well now,” added Wilby. “It’s not just for expatriates. It’s like going for afternoon tea at Burj Al Arab — that became an iconic thing, that’s what I want to do with Gary Rhodes here; I want people to say they’re going for afternoon tea at Grosvenor House.

“Embassy I think will end up being an iconic thing to do for the tourists,” she added.

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