Floating BBQs to make a big splash on Dubai Creek

A fleet of floating BBQ donuts offer new onboard dining experience
The new BBQ donuts can seat up to eight diners
The new BBQ donuts can seat up to eight diners

Boadwalk at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club has launched a fleet of floating ‘BBQ donuts’ large enough to seat up to eight diners to take them out onto the water for a unique dining experience.

Guests can choose a staff member to steer the donut or they can captain the craft themselves and drift across the waters of Dubai Creek.


Sailing hours are between 12pm and 9pm daily and the BBQ menus include the Tasty Mix, MeditArabian Delights or Creekside indulgence which feature a host of BBQ favourites from traditional mixed grill to indulgent Wagyu rib eye steak and lobster tail.

Alternatively you can order your favourite dish from the a la carte menu or indulge in an afternoon tea.

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