UAE wins 17 medals at Culinary Olympics contest

Uwe Micheel says UAE will be renowned and recognised following win
One of the award-winning dishes.
One of the award-winning dishes.

A total of 17 medals were awarded to a team of chefs from the UAE competing in the 2012 Culinary Olympics held in Germany.

This year marked the first time a team of chefs were sent from the UAE to compete in the IKA also known as the Culinary Olympics held between October 6 and October 9, 2012.


The team, led by chef Uwe Micheel, president of the Emirates Culinary Guild, comprised of chefs: Juraj Kalna, Daniel Brooker, Nalin Jagoda, Anup Pawar, Mario Coelho, Mark Ranasinghe, Amaratunga Kapila, Don Thushan, Jayasinghe Chamila, Roshan Sumeida, Kanishaka Jayaweera and Asela Fernando.

Judged by a panel of 60 judges, the event saw a total of 16 gold and one silver medal awarded to the UAE team.

“Everyone who didn’t know the UAE at the start of show knew and recognized the team at the closing ceremony,” Micheel added.

Following the overwhelming success, plans are now being put in place to develop a UAE national team for future events.

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