Moti Roti opens third pop-up food station in Dubai

Street food concept launches on Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road
Moti Roti offers healthy options.
Moti Roti offers healthy options.

Dubai-based street food concept, Moti Roti, has opened its third mobile pop-up food station in the city on Sheikh Zayed Road.

The outlet focuses on healthy food inspired by Pakistani cuisine with a modern twist by using traditional rotis as wraps, and fresh salads and chutneys as toppings. 


The healthy concept extends to all menu items including the 'carb-board box', the salad box; the rice box, which includes brown rice pulao; skinny lassi, which means low-fat smoothies; and traditional karak chai. The food is had-cooked daily, using ingredients such as whole wheat and canola oil. 

Explaining the menu, Moti Roti founder Tahir Shah said: “A chicken Roti is roughly 300 calories and many of our fillings contain a variety of vegetables, providing pure vegan options. We go easy on the spices as we want you to taste the freshly crushed coriander, seeds, cumin etc. which are normally overpowered by chillies in traditional restaurants.”

Moti Roti also participates in the weekly Ripe Foodie Market at Safa Park. 

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