UAE nutrition firm supports Bangladesh charity

Right Bite donates portion of revenue to the Maria Cristina Foundation
Maria Conceicao in Bangladesh (Photo: Imran Ahmed).
Maria Conceicao in Bangladesh (Photo: Imran Ahmed).

UAE-based nutrition company Right Bite is donating a portion of its healthy meal plan packages' sales revenue to the Maria Cristina Foundation (MCF), a charity established by Maria Conceicao with the primary mission to provide education for the street kids of Dhaka in Bangladesh.

The partnership was formed in January 2014, and since its inception, Right Bite has been able to sponsor a number of children and hopes to provide for more deserving kids as the CSR programme continues.


The Right Bite Nutrition and Catering Services founder and managing director Nathalie Haddad said: "Right Bite is a lifestyle enhancing nutrition and catering service. While we stand for healthy living and eating, we are also passionate about empowering individuals to make positive changes to their overall well-being.

"We are thrilled to be given this opportunity to work with Maria Conceicao, and in our own little way, make a difference in some people’s lives."

Haddad said this CSR programme is part of Right Bite’s longstanding commitment to promote the importance of education. She said: "We had a Right Bite team that recently went to Dhaka as part of our focus on this campaign. We are privileged to have met the children, as well as being able to visit their school and their families. It’s overwhelming to see that there’s too much help needed but knowing that what we provide the children is a long-term and sustainable approach for poverty reduction, we know that our efforts will definitely bear fruits."

To extend maximum support to MCF, Right Bite also set up a link on its website to the foundation’s donations gateway for those who wish to donate. There is also a Dynamic Donation Counter on the page displaying the donation amount generated.

"It’s really a wonderful campaign as Right Bite is not the only one contributing to the cause. Somehow we are able to engage our customers in it. We’re also giving them the opportunity to create a brighter future for the less fortunate, one child at a time,” added Haddad.

She said: "We have always adopted well-thought CSR programs, and we believe that if you really want to make a difference, you have to stay true to what you do."

In addition, the nutrition company gives further support to Conceicao as her nutrition advocate, in which Right Bite provides continuous nutritional consultations, advice and encouragement as Conceicao takes on different endurance challenges in support of her charity.


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