Pop-up event to raise awareness about Syrian food

Pop! organises non-profit event Makloubeh at Fairmont, The Palm Dubai
The event will be held on April 10 at Fairmont, The Palm Dubai.
The event will be held on April 10 at Fairmont, The Palm Dubai.

UAE-based firms Globesight and Pop! have collaborated on a pop-up event called Makloubeh to celebrate Syrian culture and culinary traditions at Fairmont, The Palm Dubai, on April 10, 2014.

Pop! is a new concept for Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which aims to bring cultures and communities together through creative cuisine, art and design.


Its co-founder Aziz Mulay-Shah said: "We want to introduce patrons to an evolution of Syrian cuisine, particularly the rich and diverse subtleties of its regions such as Homs, Hama, Aleppo and Damascus, and even further afield."

This event will raise awareness about Syrian culture as well as raise awareness for some of the organisations actively involved in providing educational initiatives for Syrian children. There will be no fundraising at the event.

Makloubeh, the title of the event, is also the Arabic name of a Levantine dish popular throughout in Syria that translates literally as ‘upside-down.’ The core ingredients of the traditional rice-based dish will be reinterpreted into innovative recipes over multiple courses.

Strategic advisory firm Globesight executive director Taufiq Rahim said: "We believe that by being an apolitical event – beyond the controversy and contesting views – and by focusing on culture and cuisine, we can foster a positive and hopeful light into the shadows of the conflict."

Amidst the ongoing crisis in Syria, the event hopes to highlight the humanity of the people affected, and bring attention to the vibrancy and depth of the land they come from.

Makloubeh is open to the general public and spaces can be reserved by visiting the website or Facebook page of co-organiser Pop! The event is being organized on a voluntary, non-profit basis, intended to generate awareness.

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