In Season with Vishal Rane: watermelons

La Porte Des Indes Dubai chef Vishal Rane talks watermelons
La Portes des Indes Dubai head chef Vishal
La Portes des Indes Dubai head chef Vishal

What’s great about this ingredient?
It’s a great fruit to have during summers as with its high water content, it provides the right amount of fluid required for the body.

How readily available is it in this part of the world?
It’s available quite easily, however April to September is the best season.

What are the things to look out for when buying this ingredient?
The watermelon should be firm to feel without any blemishes, and the skin should be dark green.

What are the challenges associated with it?
Watermelons are heavy and big, so can can be difficult to store without cutting.

What’s the best way you’d recommend using this ingredient?
It is best enjoyed by itself, however fresh watermelon juice with a dash of ginger works well too. It can also be used in salads — watermelon with feta and honey lemon dressing is my personal favourite.

Which supplier would you recommend for it?
Kibsons International.

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