Michelin chef interview: Christopher Kostow

Meadowood's Michelin-starred chef speaks about celeb culture in F&B
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The three Michelin-starred chef of USA’s Meadowood, Christopher Kostow, has a quick chat with Caterer in Abu Dhabi

Is this your first time in the Middle East?
Yes it is, and the experience has been wonderful; the hospitality and food has been great. It was cool to go out to the desert and eat camel meat.


What drives you to do your job well?
My pressure is just to do a good job. I don’t worry about other stuff. I don’t worry about where I’m supposed to be opening or stars. I set pretty high expectations for myself and if I meet them, everything else will follow.

Advice for young chefs?
Don’t be fooled by celebrity BS. If you want to be really good at this, it takes a lifetime of work. It’s very hard; don’t listen to what the television tells you. If you go on a TV show, that doesn’t mean you have done anything.

So you don’t buy into the ‘celeb chef’ tag?
If someone is good, and does a good product that’s one thing. People who are famous because they are famous... that’s completely different.

What is your most memorable dining experience till date?
Sushi Mori in Los Angeles. He’s just a good guy who makes really nice sushi, grows his own rice, and makes his own plates. It’s as personal as food can be.

One thing you can’t do without in the kitchen?
A sharp knife.

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