La Serre's Izu Ani works on development kitchen

La Serre Research and Development Kitchen slated to open in Q2 2016
Izu Ani
Izu Ani

La Serre Bistro and Boulangerie head chef Izu Ani’s next project is to open the La Serre Research and Development Kitchen, where chefs can experiment with different ingredients, techniques and style, while exploring the world of creative gastronomy.

The research kitchen will be wholly connected to La Serre in that newly-created dishes and techniques can be trialled in the restaurant the very same night.

When asked about the project after his win at the Caterer Middle East Awards, Ani said: “When I was working in Spain I worked for chefs who had one and I saw so much that came from it. You learn and have time to understand the product or the produce. My belief is always that when you understand something, you own it, it’s yours. You can do so much with that understanding.”


He further revealed: “The initial concept has been accepted — we’ve got the site in the old Qamardeen souk. It’s going through renovation at the moment, and we are looking at starting it in the second quarter of next year.”

In design stages at the moment, Ani said he has key partners interested, including Valrhona and Chefs First.

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