Nando's opens biggest outlet in Oman Avenues Mall

The new venue is the biggest Nando's in Oman and can seat 140 covers
Nando's in Oman Avenues Mall
Nando's in Oman Avenues Mall

Nando's Oman has opened its new flagship outlet in The Oman Avenues Mall, and is the biggest and third branch in the Sultanate.

The design emphasises South African culture, and has a rustic concept.

"It is important to continually bring something new to the table, and with our range of original features we have definitely added some flavor to the local food and beverage industry," said Jannat Moosa, marketing director at Bin Mirza International.


Moosa continued: "Alongside design specialists from the United Kingdom, artists were commissioned to deliver 35 contemporary works that would complement our combination of themes through a diverse look at life in South Africa.

"Our latest family-friendly offering is accompanied with table service for greater convenience, in addition to a wider variety of sauces, new addition of deserts and drinks."

Moosa revealed new elements of the restaurant, which include a separate café style area, and the restaurant's new lighting technology.

The venue also has a communal table at the 140-seat restaurant

Established in January 2004 by Hani Ali Mirza, Bin Mirza International (BMI) franchises international brands in the Omani market, including Second Cup, Nando's, CinnZeo Bakery cafés fand boutique bakery BreadTalk. It has recently added American restaurant, Steak Escape Sandwich Grill, to its portfolio.

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