New Dubai ordering and payment system released

The solution will include global online platform and proprietary hardware

A Dubai-based entrepreneur has launched Reach, a custom table-top ordering, entertainment and payment solution for restaurants in the UAE.

Reach Ordering Systems will provide a global online platform along with proprietary hardware providing services for F&B outlets.

“This is a product that will revolutionise the F&B industry, whereby hotel and restaurant guests don’t have to wait for the menu or for orders to be taken; there will be no waiting for the bill to arrive either,” said Reach Ordering Systems founder Umar Khan.


“At least a third of a hotel’s revenue is driven by the F&B segment in GCC.

“There are number of challenges for F&B managers in the region such as undertrained staff and / or limited staff numbers.

“Also, staff sometimes find it challenging to offer great service to guests on tables that are far away from the main service area — particularly in resorts.”

The device will allow guests to place orders without the presence of a waiter, and they will have access to high definition images and descriptions of the cuisine on offer.

The application is user-friendly, allowing the guest to navigate the menu without assistance.

It provides various language options, social media activities, options to provide feedback, games, web browsing and it allows guests to make certain requests, e.g. for extra cutlery, or drinks.

The device has built-in payment systems, with three options: magnetic stripe readers (MSR), Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV IC) and near field communication (NFC) payments.

According to Khan, Reach allows for 30% faster table turns and a 15% increase in revenues due to the ability to advertise slower moving items such as cocktails and desserts.

It will also allow for the upselling of new items and will reduce waiting times, while giving F&B outlets the opportunity to advertise daily specials, happy hours, and events.

To find out more, contact Umar Khan on + 971 50 755 9585 or email

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