Novikov Restaurant & Bar opens at Sheraton Grand

Founder Arkadiy Novikov has partnered with Bulldozer Group, also behind Sass Cafe, Toko, Movida and VIP Room, for the Dubai project

Novikov Restaurant & Bar opens today (August 5, 2015) at the Sheraton Grand hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, following its debut in London.

Its founder Arkadiy Novikov has partnered with Bulldozer Group, also behind Sass Café, Toko, Movida and VIP Room, for the Dubai project.


“With the opening of Novikov Restaurant & Bar Dubai, we will be unveiling a spectacular new concept of dining in the UAE that offers all the hallmarks of the brand – an exciting menu, personable service, variety of dining experiences, contemporary design – hand in hand with a sought after location and a multitude of authentic touches designed to enhance an extravagant guest experience," said Bulldozer Group managing partner Evgeny Kuzin.

An Asian-inspired menu will be created by executive chef Shane Macneill and his team, who have been trained by the Novikov brand executive chef Jeff Tyler.

Dishes on the item will include black cod rolls, toro tartare, Novikov duck salad, and grilled fish from the "Seafood Market".

Alongside the open kitchen, one of the main aspects of the Novikov Restaurant & Bar is the Seafood Market, offering fresh premium fish flown in every second day from Portugal.

The interiors have been designed by Geometry Design Moscow, with granite walls, natural leather, and cracked stone.

The 280-seat 13,000m2 venue is divided into two distinct areas, with a private dining room which has a dedicated waiter, private lift and bespoke menus.

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