Restyled Zheng He's reopens with new interiors

The restaurant has had a new menu and fresh interiors
Zheng He's rendering
Zheng He's rendering

Jumeirah Mina A'Salam’s Chinese restaurant, Zheng He's, is set to reopen its doors in September, following a restyling of its interiors.

The newly styled restaurant will also showcase its new a la carte menu, which will feature classical
Chinese cuisine with contemporary flair. The new interiors have been described in a statement by the restaurant as “neo-oriental”.

As the restaurant is inspired by famed Chinese nautical explorer Zheng He, seafood is a key ingredient on the menu and a live seafood tank ensures a fresh catch each day.

Diners can also enjoy cuisine created by the resident ‘duck master’ specialist who is set to add a touch of theatre with table-side preparation.

The new menu features signature dishes such as salt baked ‘Fortune Beggar Chicken’, slow-cooked Oriental short ribs and a new Chinese interpretation of Zheng He’s old-favourite, Wasabi Prawns.

The restaurant is led by Chef Kenmin Foo, whose mission is to offer a sophisticated take on traditional Chinese cuisine.

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