Masterchef India's Kunal Kapur relaunches Patiala

Souq Al Bahar restaurant Patiala has relaunched with a new menu offering by Indian celeb chef and Masterchef India judge, Kunal Kapur
Kunar Kapur has launched a new menu at Patiala.
Kunar Kapur has launched a new menu at Patiala.

Souq Al Bahar-based Indian restaurant, Patiala, has re-launched with a new menu by Indian celebrity chef and Masterchef India judge Kunal Kapur.

Patiala is his first restaurant in the GCC, the restaurant will offer guests the opportunity to see the dishes being created via the display kitchen.

Kapur has hosted three seasons of MasterChef India, launched restaurants in India, starred on travel shows and released a cookbook.


“Having chef Kunal on board is a real blessing for Patiala and will help us elevate Indian cuisine in Dubai,” said Patiala owner Saurabh Narain.

“He is highly regarded in India for his talent, passion and desire to make Indian cuisine even more loved around the world. With so many foodies in Dubai, it is important to show how diverse and intricate Indian cuisine really is and portray the history and traditions behind our an amazing food.”

The new menu has two parts: Old Patiala with classic Indian food and New Patiala offering Indian cuisine inspired by Kapur’s travels around the world.

Patiala signatures include grilled Chilean sea bass with strawberry chutney and Bengali mustard and the lightly spiced pumpkin and apricot shorba.

Some chef signatures are the dorra kebab (lamb seekh cooked on perfumed resham dorra), the haleem kebab, malai prawns and subz khatai kebab.

“Creating a menu that would really turn heads was always the plan for Patiala,” said Kapur. “When thinking up the dishes for the new menu, we wanted to give Dubai foodies a dining experience that would go beyond just providing good food, but also encourage discussion and innovation, showing the world the true essence of Indian cuisine. The New Patiala part of our menu will constantly adapt as produce in the region changes, always giving our guests something fresh, seasonal and exciting to experience.”

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