Elevation Burger widens organic offerings

US-based burger joint expands its menu and further commits to being completely organic
Elevation Burger has beefed up its menu.
Elevation Burger has beefed up its menu.

Elevation Burger has introduced organic chicken to its menu in all of its UAE restaurants.

The move comes after strong demand from the burger joint’s patrons to add chicken to its offerings.

Similar to its beef offerings, the chicken served across its UAE outlets had to be 100% USDA-certified organic.


Khaled Al-Dhubaib, CEO of Tabco Emirates, said: “Further to its commitment of being organic, the restaurant began looking for chicken that would meet certified standards. It was important that the chickens we source have no antibiotics, hormones or pesticides. It was also critical that the chickens be raised in an animal and environmentally friendly way - in fenced free-open pastures.”

The introduction of organic chicken burgers comes when diners are seeking healthier options.

“People in the UAE are becoming increasingly aware of the food they eat and offer to their children. Healthy eating habits and overall wellbeing has taken priority in the country. The chicken sandwich was an anticipated addition and we are confident that our guests will relish the new menu," he added.

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