'Overwhelming' response to South Korean food fair

Last year, more than US $3bn of Korean food was exported to the UAE
Last year, more than $3bn of Korean food was exported to the UAE.
Last year, more than $3bn of Korean food was exported to the UAE.

The inaugural K-Food Fair enjoyed a strong start when it was held in Dubai las month, indicating the strong culinary potential of South Korea in the region. 

Running from 26-28 November, the event, organised by the South Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) in association with Korea Agro-Fisheries and Trade Corporation (aT), attracted some 20,000 attendees.

The first day of K-Food Fair, which included traditional entertaiment, the chance to sample traditional foods and keynote speeches, revealed South Korea’s growing plans within the halal food certified space. 

“The importance of Korea being in Dubai’s global platform is because Dubai has basically taken up the role to become the capital of the Islamic economy. Halal is an important element of the Islamic economy - making Korea now part and parcel of being a stakeholder in the Halal ecosystem,” said Zilzar co-founder and CEO Rushdi Siddiqui.

Chung-SikYoo, executive vice president of food industry and export promotion for Korea Agro-Fisheries and Trade Corporation (aT), added: “After deliberation over the past few years, we are delighted to finally have the opportunity to introduce Korean cuisine in more depth to the Middle East.

"We had hoped that this cultural introduction would be well received but the interaction and insight from Dubai has been overwhelming. The response we have seen from the business side to the attendance and participation from the UAE community over the weekend have far exceeded our expectations."



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