Aiana Hotels to have Indian restaurant concept

All Aiana Hotels & Resorts properties will have an Indian restaurant as part of its brand standard, revealed Amruda Nair
Indian travellers are a key feeder for the Middle East.
Indian travellers are a key feeder for the Middle East.

The Indian feeder market to the Middle East is of importance to Aiana Hotels & Resorts, with its F&B also set to cater to the sub-continent.

Aiana Hotels & Resorts LLC joint managing director and chief executive officer Amruda Nair told Hotelier Middle East that the hotel group will offer an Indian F&B concept with its properties.

After revealing that UAE and Oman were natural extensions for the group due to the number of Indian travellers in those countries, she said: "We have an Indian restaurant concept that we will be launching along with Aiana Hotels - that will be a big appeal."

Nair continued: "Both UAE and Oman have a great Indian diaspora, and that would be a great starting point. There’s a captive domestic market, along with the Indian traveller coming in."

Every Aiana hotel will have a modern Indian restaurant concept, while in Makkah, the concept will be tweaked, revealed Nair.

Describing it as "best of the east”, Nair said that her team is working on an "all-day dining restaurant catering to multiple tastes".

The restaurant will include Turkish and Indonesian cuisine as well, and she concluded: "That will be a more elaborate offering, only because we’re catering to a much broader audience. That said, Indian food has a broader appeal anyway. Every other Aiana hotel would have an Indian restaurant as part of the brand standard."

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