Dubai 'not ready for Michelin' says Vineet Bhatia

The Michelin-starred chef said growth is still needed
Vineet Bhatia.
Vineet Bhatia.

Dubai is not mature enough to have earned its own Michelin Guide, according to Vineet Bhatia - but it has the potential to be ready in a few years, the Michelin-starred chef added.

Dubai has a way to go but what it has achieved in the past 15 years, it can achieve the same in the culinary scene in the next three years,” he told an audience of industry peers and media at Dubai Future Accelerators last month.


“I was asked by Michelin four years back, is Dubai ready for a Michelin Guide? And I said no, it’s not. If you ask me now if Dubai is ready for a Michelin Guide, I’d say no - and it has a way to go. Dubai still has to grow. But it is growing very rapidly; ask me the same question in three years’ time and I might say yes, it’s ready for it,” he shared.

Bhatia made the comments during an audience Q&A after a panel discussion about the future of food. Back in August, Caterer posed the same question during the seventh annual Caterer Middle East Head Chef Survey and discovered that nearly two-thirds of respondents believe now is the right time for the emirate to get a Michelin Guide.

Prior to this, Michelin Guides international director Michael Ellis said in March that it is “only a matter of time” before the first stars are awarded to restaurants in Dubai.

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