Greg Malouf set to open Zahira at Dubai's H Hotel

The Michelin-starred chef's new restaurant will showcase modern Middle Eastern cuisine
Zahira is set to open in the H Hotel.
Zahira is set to open in the H Hotel.

Australian-Lebanese chef Greg Malouf is will open his latest venture, Zahira, in May at Dubai’s H Hotel.

The Michelin-starred chef’s latest project and it promises to show diners an elevated take on traditional Levantine dishes.
The menu features dishes through different courses outlined as the Art of Mezza, Art of Sharing, Art of the Garden and finishing the meal with a trip through the Art of Sweet Design and Tradition. The Art of Feasting option is a nine-course tasting menu which will change regularly.


Malouf has been hosting private dinners at his home over the last month trying and testing dishes on some Dubai foodies and friends. Dishes included salmon kibbeh, duck bisteeya, his famous wagyu basterma, seven vegetable tagine and knife & fork ice cream.

In anticipation of the opening of the new restaurant, Greg will be taking Zahira to Melbourne, Australia for the 25th anniversary of the Melbourne Food Festival, which is also host to the Pellegrino’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards this year. On April 3rd and 4th Greg will be hosting a Zahira pop-up at Malouf’s Zum Zum, an eatery owned by his brother Geoff, offering guests a sneak peek at what Dubai is to expect.

Speaking about his new venture, Malouf said: “I’ve spent years working on the evolution of Lebanese cuisine and while the dishes need to remain faithful to the essence of the region they can still be presented with creative flair,” said Greg Malouf. “I want to be part of the next chapter in Middle Eastern food and Zahira will be the platform I’ve been looking for to present this next chapter in Dubai.”

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