Five Minutes With Marta Yanci

Marta Yanci talks about her new collaboration with Royal Yachts
Marta Yanci, founder of Marta's Kitchen.
Marta Yanci, founder of Marta's Kitchen.

How did you go from being a lawyer to opening your own catering company?

It was really a natural thing almost. I have always felt very comfortable in the kitchen and love entertaining so moving towards the catering business seemed like the right move.


What attracted you to working with Royal Yachts? Will it be a long-term partnership?

They are very client-oriented, just like Marta’s Kitchen. They will go the extra mile to satisfy their clients and that is fantastic and rare to find. We are very comfortable working together and plan for this to be a long-term relationship.

How will you ensure that quality is not compromised when preparing food at sea?

We have catered on board yachts before and design menus that we know can be made on the sea. On top of that, RY’s yachts are equipped with really good kitchens, so it is truly like working anywhere else.

Since the company launched seven years ago, what have been some of the most memorable events you have catered?

I will always remember the first big event I did, which was a First Communion for a little girl. I was very nervous and it turned out wonderful. I cherish also the launch of Miracle Gardens, catering for more than 500 guests, including Emirates Airlines VIP area. This is the biggest event we have done so far and it turned out to be a wonderful one!

Can you tell us about your food philosophy and also how easy do you find it to source what you need in Dubai?

I believe in grown your own if possible, and in fact we have started growing our own herbs and even some vegetables in our terrace. Otherwise, the closest the source is the better. A tomato from the UAE will be nicer than one that they fly in from really far away, for the simple reason that the one in the UAE is allowed to mature at its own pace. It is impossible to source everything I need locally in the UAE, but I try to respect this rule as much as possible.

What other exciting projects do you have planned for the coming year?

We will very soon open a restaurant right next to our kitchen. It will open for business lunch and brunch only, but the space will be available daily for private events. Clients can host their events in our space for free, as long as we cater for them. Aside from this, I am weeks away from opening a new restaurant in Waterloo, Belgium. This is a project I have been working on for the past two years and I am truly very excited about it, although it makes me travel a lot!

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