Record number of Dubai outlets rated excellent

10% of restaurants have been given an A Grade or A+ rating by Dubai Municipality
Sultan Ali Al Tahir, Head of Food Inspection Section at Dubai Municipality.
Sultan Ali Al Tahir, Head of Food Inspection Section at Dubai Municipality.

An unprecedented 1,889 high-risk food establishments in Dubai have received excellent rating in Dubai Municipality’s annual evaluation in 2016.

Sultan Ali Al Tahir, Head of Food Inspection Section at Dubai Municipality said that this is a vast improvement when compared to previous years, as only 550 food outlets had received an excellent rating in 2015.


“Out of a total of 20,000 food establishments in Dubai 1,446 received A Grade and 443 qualified for the prestigious A+ rating during 2016. Both these grades are counted as excellent. The rest of the establishments received B, C, D and E ratings according to their performances,” he said.

The high risk establishments included hotels and big restaurants with large quantities of food preparation. “The increased number of excellent ratings was the result of the implementation of strategic food safety programs for the food establishments in the emirate and their adherence to our procedures to raise the hygiene and technical standards to reach this advanced level, most notably the application of HACCP risk analysis system in all hotels, catering companies, and increasing their effectiveness,” said Al Tahir.

"This system targets the risks related to the food chain from raw materials to the consumer table," said Al Tahir. "As for the low-level establishments, we applied the Intelligent Inspection Program, which was designed to identify, figure out and analyse the technical and hygiene risks, as well as to process them by developing radical solutions, in addition to applying the best practices in food safety. This has contributed significantly in raising the level of evaluation of the food establishments. The Hygiene Supervisor Program has resulted in reducing the total number of food outlets with low rating to 4%,” he said. 

With 98% of the Hygiene Supervisor Program implemented, Al Tahir added: “The goal of the Municipality is the participation of private establishments in improving their level and training their employees. We are working on a clear plan to raise their level, so that it is similar to the levels achieved by the emirate, as we have hotels and establishments with a rating of 7 stars, and food establishments should be equivalent to this class.”

Al Tahir praised the efforts made by the various inspection teams in the Section, which produced positive results. He promised to exert more efforts to achieve the vision of the Food Safety Department’s vision of "Sustainable Control for Safe Food," using the best global food control systems.

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