In season: Beetroot

Kelvin Kelly, executive chef of One Life DXB, discusses using beetroot
One Life DXB head Chef Kelvin Kelly
One Life DXB head Chef Kelvin Kelly

What’s great about beetroot?

Beetroot is such a versatile superfood and is of exceptional nutritional value, especially the greens, and makes for a great natural food colouring agent. More than that, nothing beats a good old beet juice.

How readily available are they in the region?


Beetroot is pretty much available all year round, although the best time for beets are in the cooler months. Currently Russia and France are at the top of the list when it comes to producing beets.

What should you look for when buying this ingredient?

Try look for the smaller beets as opposed to the large ones, they are a lot sweeter. Be sure to look at the root and greens for firmness, colour and a smooth skin. Wilted skin or greens indicates that it’s an old beet.

Are there any challenges when using it?

No, other than the pink stain it leaves on everything is comes into contact with. Just wear gloves.

What’s the best way to use it?

Well that would depend on my mood, I do love a lightly smoked roasted beet. But it would have to be an Eastern European soup called borscht. I add a touch of soured macadamia cream and fresh dill to finish. Beautiful.

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