In season: Sea Trout

Qwerty executive chef Adam Tracey talks about wild sea trout
Adam Tracey.
Adam Tracey.

What’s great about wild sea trout?

Wild sea trout is a beautiful fish that is only in season for a few months a year. Differing from the farmed sea trout, the time spent at sea gives it a deeper colour and more defined flavour.


How readily available is wild sea trout in this region?

Wild sea trout is available in the UAE, you may have to hunt around in more specialist fish suppliers and supermarkets though.

What should you look out for when buying this ingredient?

As with all fish, if it’s whole, bright eyes and deep red gills. The fish should also have a fresh aroma, firm flesh and a light bronze shine to the skin.

Any challenges with using it?

Sea trout is delicate and also stands up well to strong flavours, but not to overcooking. As with all thin fish fillets, cooking them too long is the worst thing you can do and will leave you with a dry end product. You should also check carefully that all the small pin bones are removed before cooking!

What’s the best way to use it? 

It is great pan fried with a little herb and lemon butter next to some steamed new potatoes and asparagus or steamed with ginger, garlic, chilli and lime together with some bok choi and coriander. 

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