Five minutes with Base Dubai's Evgeny Kuzin

The founder and managing partner of Bulldozer Group talks about his latest nightclub - Base
Evgeny Kuzin.
Evgeny Kuzin.

You have a law and economics background. How did you end up in hospitality?

Growing up I was always fascinated by the F&B and nightlife industry, having become a part of it at a very young age. My father opened his first restaurant when I was 10 years old so it was a significant part of my life growing up. I think because of this I have always been a big foodie and really enjoy not just good food but experiencing new cuisine and tastes.


It would be easy to say that there really was no escaping this industry for me.

Why did you choose to base your business in Dubai?

The hospitality sector in Dubai is not only expanding but it is continuously changing. A growing number of hospitality companies are making inroads into the Emirates and more tourists are continuing to arrive, which is only going to flourish more with the upcoming Expo 2020.

Dubai has been a receptive market for us and business in the city is continuing to boom, making it an attractive destination for us to expand on new international businesses as well.

Name three key factors that you consider before embarking on a new project?

1. It needs to excite me, a project without passion will never succeed. 2. It must be original, unique; and to fill a gap or create a niche in the market. 3. Of course, it needs to make business sense too.

Your latest project, Base was recently launched in d3. What makes it different from other nightclubs in the city?

What makes us standout is a combination of factors.

We have a core offering of world-class entertainment and a massive scale of production but we also have an ethos of not forgetting to pay attention to the small details.

We have adopted a zero-compromise approach to all aspects of the venue including the massive light, sound and special effects systems. It was important for us to create an unforgettable experience for our guests; we feel a venue like this has never existed in the UAE before.  All of these factors combined creates an ambience that makes Base the ultimate destination for party goers in the UAE.

Do you have news about any upcoming projects in the pipeline?

We currently have 10 F&B and nightlife concepts within the UAE and are planning to open eight more with an additional outlet in Saudi Arabia, by the end of 2017.

While some of these outlets will include established international concepts, we will also be introducing regional and locally home-grown concepts.

Although we have a foothold in the fine dining arena, we are also planning on bringing in casual dining concepts, which we are very excited about.

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