Coravin helps improve sales of fine wine by the glass

A four-month study showed an increase of more than 200% of sales for outlets with an MMI Coravin programme
Coravin uses an ultra-fine needle to penetrate the cork and access the bottle.
Coravin uses an ultra-fine needle to penetrate the cork and access the bottle.

Coravin, a new wine preservation and pouring system, is giving restaurants and bars across Dubai the opportunity to expand their range of fine and premium wines served by the glass, ultimately driving sales, reducing wastage and enhancing the customer experience.

A recent four-month case study conducted by MMI found that the introduction of the Coravin system delivered a 28% increase in fine wine revenue per cover and a 200% increase in value of fine wine BTG (by the glass) sales.


A system that allows restaurants to pour wines by the glass without pulling the cork, Coravin uses an ultra-fine needle to penetrate the cork and access the bottle. The Coravin system injects argon, a natural and completely inert gas into the bottle, whilst simultaneously pouring wine into the glass. Once the needle is removed, the cork naturally reseals and the wine continues its natural aging process without any oxidation and can be accessed numerous times over a period of weeks, months or even years.

The technology gives restaurants and bars the opportunity to offer customers a greater choice of fine wines by the glass whilst increasing average transaction value and cash margins, improving inventory management and reducing wastage to zero.

Speaking about the new Coravin system, MMI head of fine wines Oliver Dixon commented: “The Coravin System has been an absolute game changer in the world of fine and premium wine. It has revolutionised how the hospitality industry has been able to serve wine, allowing their customers accessibility and the opportunity to enjoy some of the rarest wines in the world by the glass.”

Burj Al Arab beverage manager and head sommelier Dimitar Dimitrov added: “Coravin has created a by the glass miracle for sommeliers. The technology really is revolutionary and has given us the opportunity to offer customers a much wider choice of wines including icons such as Petrus by the glass which has never before been possible.”

The Coravin System will soon include the Coravin Screw Cap, which will allow bars to serve screw cap wine by the glass whilst ensuring that the rest of the bottle remains preserved for up to three months.

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