Roman-style Pizzeria, Alice Pizza, to open at La Mer Dubai

It will be the Italian pizzeria's first outlet in the Middle East
Alice Pizza to open in La Mer Dubai.
Alice Pizza to open in La Mer Dubai.

Alice Pizza, Rome’s Pizzeria al taglio (by the slice) will open its doors at La Mer, Dubai’s beachfront development, in January 2018.

With over 140 locations in Italy, it will be the Roman’s pizzeria’s first outlet to open in the Middle East.


The pizzeria uses founder Domenico Giovannini’s patented technique which includes giving the dough a 48-hour rise with a limited amount of yeast — this produces a light pizza crust.

The outlet’s concept offers guests sliced pizza by weight — a Roman tradition where pizza instead of being sold by slice, it’s cut and weighed as per the customer’s instructions. 

Guests can choose the type and size of the slices from a selection of 20 Italian recipes that will be rotated on a regular basis and served fresh out of the pizza oven.

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