New restaurant SLAB opens in Dubai's La Mer

A sea-facing restaurant, SLAB is spread across 3, 344 square feet, and offers Indoor and Patio setting with views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai's iconic skyline
SLAB opens in Dubai's La Mer.
SLAB opens in Dubai's La Mer.

SLAB, a home-grown concept of social eatery opened in La Mer, one of Dubai’s beach-side communities.

The restaurant, brought to life by Al Tawfeeq Hospitality, is a sea-facing restaurant spread across 3,344 square feet, and offers Indoor and Patio setting with views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai’s iconic skyline.


The new restaurant was launched under the creative direction of Fadi Al-Said, an Investment Banker with a passion for food, who was inspired by his travels and culinary experiences from the world.

Explaining the concept, Al-Said said: “We wanted to create a social eatery that is inspired by global food trends and has an evolving menu that would celebrate the best produce of the season and international flavours through fine-crafted sandwiches and simple experimental dishes.”

Al-Said also played an integral part in the curation of the menu, “SLAB has given me a wonderful opportunity to curate a menu that features the simplest of dishes created with unique methods and gourmet ingredients. The menu reflects the brand’s minimalistic essence along with a creative fusion and neat food presentation. We wanted to create masterpieces that are soulful for both the eyes and taste buds.”

SLAB serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and its menu, inspired by different eras, cultures and aspirations, includes West Bank — a fragrant roasted chicken on a sour-dough bread with caramelised onions, pine seeds and Sumak. The menu also features its signature Charred Ricotta which heirloom tomatoes, fennel dressed with seeds and lemon vinaigrette.

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