Tennis star serves up advice - and maybe coffee

    Roger Federer comes to Dubai in his role as ambassador for Swiss coffee machine company Jura
    R-Fed spills the beans.
    R-Fed spills the beans.

    Professional tennis player Roger Federer, a thirteen-time Grand Slam winner, will make a public appearance in Dubai later this month in his role as ambassador for automatic coffee machine producer Jura.

    The ‘Meet and Greet’, scheduled for February 19, will take place at Dubai’s One&Only Royal Mirage hotel and will see Federer join a panel discussion on what it takes to stay on top.

    Joining Federer on the panel will be Edward Charnaud, head of global marketing and sales for Jura, who believes similar strategies can be deployed to ensure that one stays ahead both in a competitive market and in sports.

    “The parallels between excelling at sport and excelling in business are many,” Charnaud stated.

    “However, I have noticed that there are five key characteristics that distinguish winners from losers. These are narrowing the odds, maintaining a positive mental attitude, looking for continuous improvement, playing to one’s strengths and, last but not least, humility.”

    The Swiss company’s area manager Eric Berchtold added that the event would mark the first public premier of Jura’s Signature line coffee machines.

    “The Signature line represents Jura’s high-end, fully automatic speciality coffee machines featuring handmade surface finishes with natural materials, designed to meet the exacting demands of a customer who is in constantly in search of the ultra-special,” he said.

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