Hilton's Glasshouse puts a spring in its step

    Glasshouse Brasserie at the Hilton Dubai Creek has geared up for Spring with an appealing new menu

    Hilton Dubai Creek has geared up for spring business with the launch of a seasonal new menu at its Glasshouse Brasserie.

    “We stayed light with the dishes to reflect the time of year,” explained executive chef Matt Pickop.

    “We’re using fresh asparagus, huge tasty mussels, fresh herbs like basil, tarragon - all beautifully in season at the moment - then we’ve contrasted that with rich and creamy soups for those cooler spring days, bringing back old favourites with a new twist.”

    Dishes on the new menu include chicory and roquefort salad with oven-roasted walnuts and honey and mustard dressing; confit chicken terrine with parsley, wild mushrooms, pickled baby onions and home-baked toasted brioche; pan-fried sole with parmesan-glazed potatoes, ratatouille and black olive tapenade; and duck leg with chorizo cassoulet and fresh herbs.

    Pickop revealed that the idea behind introducing the new menu had been to “raise the standards of brasserie cooking” - an aim which appears to be paying off.

    “Plates are coming back wiped clean,” he revealed. “We’ve had excellent feedback from regulars and newcomers alike.

    “With the elegant style and wonderful taste combinations, the new menu will provide a great fresh start to the spring,” he concluded.

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