A region of chocoholics

    A new chocolatier offering bespoke treats is looking to the Middle East after a study revealed it was one of the world's top chocolate-loving regions

    The Middle East is among the top five most prolific chocolate-consuming regions in the world, according to research carried out by chocolate maker Swiss International Chocolates.

    The firm conducted the research prior to the launch of its new UAE-based brand Chocolat, offering hand-crafted chocolates created using all-natural products of Swiss origin.

    “Following our market study, we discovered that the Middle East is one the top five highest chocolate-consuming regions. The consumption per person is above what we found even in Switzerland, while the local taste tends to be more towards milk chocolates, which is usually a Swiss chocolate territory,” revealed the company’s managing director Daniel Hutmacher.

     “In addition, Middle Eastern consumers are very attentive to the quality of their products; they are always seeking the best products available and tend to like bespoke products.

    “Because Chocolat is a hand-made range, and because we want to ensure that all our customers and consumers enjoy the exclusivity of our products, we have decided to provide them with a customised service catering to their needs,” explained Hutmacher.

    “Our flexibility ranges from the creation of different chocolate flavours to designing the most distinguished chocolate boxes — and ultimately providing the best chocolate experience.”

    Following the market study, Chocolat has developed a handful of key lines, including the special date truffle, a raspberry chocolate with a subtle chilli kick, the traditional Swiss milk chocolate ganâche and candied ginger with orange blossom water.

    Hutmacher noted that there were significant challenges to creating quality chocolate in the Middle East.

    “The region has a very hot and humid climate, and chocolates are very sensitive to both temperature and humidity,” he explained. “As we want to ensure we deliver ‘best-in-class’ products, we have decided to ensure that all our chocolates are produced, stored, transported and delivered to all consumers in climate controlled environment.”

    The brand will now expand its business across the Middle East, continued Hutmacher.

    “We want to bring the renowned Swiss chocolate quality and culture to the region, to offer our services of passion for taste, creativity and flexibility to every customer and consumer we have the pleasure to serve,” he concluded.

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