More outlets for BinHendi despite slowdown

    BinHendi's new chocolate store one of many planned in coming months
    BinHendi's new Cacao Sampaka outlet at Dubai Mall
    BinHendi's new Cacao Sampaka outlet at Dubai Mall

    One of the region's biggest franchise-operators will continue to open more stores in the coming months despite the economic slowdown.

    UAE-based company BinHendi Enterprises opened its latest food outlet at Dubai Mall last week and there will be more to come according to the group's vice president Mokhas Bustami.

    Spanish chocolate-outlet franchise Cacao Sampaka, is the latest offering from BinHendi and a brand described as a "unique concept" by Bustami.

    "Our development plan calls for 7 [Cacao Sampaka] stores and for the time being we are hand picking the locations to make sure we get it right."

    BinHendi have also stayed true to the Spanish concept by bringing over Spanish chocolate experts from Spain as well as a Spanish manager.

    Store manager Clara Coma said: "It's brand new and people have to know what it's all about, it's not just a chocolate store.

    "It's an innovative company," she claimed. "Every three months in Spain we would create new ideas and products.

    "My old colleagues will continue to send me samples for us to try here to see what works in Dubai," she added.

    The open-door outlet, situated in the centre of a causeway on the lower floor of Dubai Mall, offers customers both sweet and savoury meals, with a café adjacent to shelves of high-quality chocolate.

    "The location is great and this is the first time I’ve worked in an open door store — in Spain you had to enter from the street and people could only see it from the outside," added Coma. 

    Bustami concluded: "We’re thrilled at the interest we have had from people; perhaps it was because of the Valentines factor, but it’s a great location to launch a new brand."

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