Turkish beer bubbles before downturn

Turkish brewer remains cautious despite growth during 2008
EFES posted a rise in international sales during last year
EFES posted a rise in international sales during last year

Leading Turkish brewery EFS Breweries International (EBI) posted a 6% rise in international beer sales during 2008.

The company remained cautious however, after sluggish start-of-year sales, according to a report by market analysis company Business Monitor International.

“Turkey’s beer consumption per captia is low by Western standards,” explained the report. “The country’s economy is contracting by 3.3% in 2009, which is likely to put the brakes on domestic beer volume growth as consumers spend less on non-essential food and drink goods.”

BMI's report also suggested that steep rises in alcoholic beverages taxes had hampered EBI’s attempts to increase sales volumes over recent years.

The brewer, owned by Turkish beverage company Andalou Efes, currently has a domestic market share of 79 %, but makes the majority of its revenue from the Russian market.

The report said EBI had reported a 6.8% volume growth in Russia during 2008 where it is challenging the market share of beer giants SAB Miller and Carlsberg.

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