F&B qualification provider opens in Dubai

    City & Guilds launches its Dubai branch
    City & Guilds' Amanda Kelleher.
    City & Guilds' Amanda Kelleher.

    Vocational qualification designer City & Guilds launched its first regional branch in Dubai last month, in an effort to cater to professionals across “an incredibly dynamic market”.

    City & Guilds hub manager for Middle East and South Asia Amanda Kelleher revealed the company had noted “a steady increase in sales here”.


    “There’s clearly an appetite for the many qualifications we offer,” she added.

    “In the Middle East there’s now a strong regional emphasis on workforce development, and we’re very pleased to be able to support this by helping businesses and learners to develop the skills that they need.

    “Our qualifications are intended for people training for or employed in the hospitality and catering industry,” Kelleher explained.

    “If the learners are already training or employed in this field, then letting them gain an internationally-recognised qualification helps to increase motivation and aid retention.

    “After all, who wants to leave an employer willing to invest in your future?”

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