Will Michelin bring stars to Dubai?

Celeb chef shows support for Middle East Michelin guide
Angela Hartnett.
Angela Hartnett.

Gordon Ramsay protegée Angela Hartnett said she believed Michelin would bring its renowned restaurant guide to the Middle East.

“I’m sure they will bring it to this region — there are so many names and restaurants here,” she asserted.


Speaking exclusively to Caterer Middle East, Marie-Bénédicte Chevet — head of media relations for Michelin Group — confirmed the famed restaurant guide had plans to expand internationally, but said it was too early to specify where.

“There is, for the time being, no scheduled project to launch a guide in Dubai, but it’s true that the guide is continuing its international development in coming months and Dubai is a very interesting place in terms of gastronomy,” she noted.

Hartnett, who was recently awarded a Michelin star for her UK restaurant Murano, added: “The great thing about Michelin is that they’re circumspect; no one knows who they are. A great maître’d might spot them, but nine times out of ten, no one can tell.”

Hartnett also revealed that she hoped to “get three stars in five years” for Murano.

Currently the Michelin guides cover 23 countries across the US, Europe, Asia.

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