Chefs must play role in sustainability: Ducasse

Education and sustainability are topics that chefs can promote
The French master wiats on stage to address delegates at Madrid Fusion.
The French master wiats on stage to address delegates at Madrid Fusion.

French chef and culinary pioneer Alain Ducasse told delegates at Madrid Fusion that top chefs have a role to play in ensuring restaurants across the globe embrace sustainable practices.

Ducasse, whose empire spans three continents, was recognised by the congress in the Spanish capital as one of the three most important chefs in the world; his views were eagerly listened to by a packed auditorium at the event.


“Nowadays we are lucky that the media are interested in us so we have a role to play in regards to sustainability,” declared Ducasse.

“There are chefs who play a leading role in public opinion and we have to be careful to get across our point.”

The French master said that he had not served red tuna in any of his restaurants and bistros in the last three years and that chefs now have to pay more attention to what ingredients they can get in their kitchens.

“We have to bring in a more sustainable manner and cook ever more contemporary cuisine to meet customer demands,” he told delegates.

Discussing the merits of his ever-growing educational programme, Ducasse declared that he was committed to bringing through the next generation of talented chefs.

“I want to teach what I know as it is one of my obsessions,” he stated. “In the future there will be a Ducasse generation.

“Young chefs today are experienced and they have travelled,” he commented. “There is so much information available to young chefs and if they want to be successful they have to get out, travel and see the world.”

Ducasse said however, that it was important for young chefs to “integrate what they learn from others” but had to ensure they remain original when proposing their own cuisine.

“I like restaurants not to look like each other,” he stated.

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