Adria takes a break from El Bulli

Renowned chef to close three-Michelin-star restaurant for two years
Ferran Adria: taking a break from El Bulli.
Ferran Adria: taking a break from El Bulli.

Celeb chef Ferran Adrià has announced he will close his three-Michelin-star restaurant El Bulli for two years.

Speaking in a press conference at Spain’s international culinary show Madrid Fusion last week, the world-renowned chef — often credited with being the pioneer of molecular gastronomy — said the Catalan restaurant would close for the duration of 2012 and 2013.


Claiming the decision was due to both personal and creative reasons, Adrià assured the assembled media: “I’m not retiring…I don’t want to go and sit on a beach in the Bahamas but I think we deserve to lead more normal lives because for 25 years we have been focusing on the restaurant. Now we need more time with our families.”

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