Deliveroo launches second Deliveroo Editions service in Business Bay

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Deliveroo is expanding its Deliveroo Editions service, where a number of concepts share kitchens on the same site, with a second, larger venue in Business Bay.

The platform allows restaurants to expand into a new area of Dubai without the need to purchase any physical space, with Deliveroo covering the cost of the kitchens in exchange for a higher rate of commission on each order.


Deliveroo general manager Anis Harb explained to Caterer Middle East: “All the partner has to do is bring their labour and cover their food costs – that’s it. It’s a really inexpensive way for them to test a new area and to grow.”

Having almost doubled in size from their original Editions site in JLT to include 10 kitchens in their Business Bay outlet, Harb says Deliveroo is using the vast amount of customer data it has procured over the years to place the correct concepts in the area. He said: “We are leveraging our data to know which partners would do best in different areas and make sure we are inviting the right ones.

“It’s not the kind of thing anyone can sign up for – you need to have the right concept for what consumers in the area need and then we consider you based on multiple factors.”

With Harb telling Caterer Middle East that some restaurants in the original Editions have increased their volume of business by 100%, he believes now is the right time to keep expanding. He said: “If we had done this two years ago, without all the data, without the relationships, then it would have been very difficult, we would have made a lot of mistakes and it would have been very costly. But we’re getting better at getting this right, getting the right partners in, getting the costing right, and we’re in a good place.”

Good enough that Deliveroo have already lined up a third Editions venue to come soon and they are exploring the possibility of more by the end of the year, with Harb saying that Deliveroo “plan to roll this out in all the areas it makes sense to.” Including he hinted inAbu Dhabi.

There are currently 19 concepts in the second Editions site but there is room for as many as 30. The current crop are a mix of independent restaurants and large chains such as Wagamama. Bowlful, which is launching this week in the Business Bay Editions, has no storefront at all, with its only other location in the original JLT Editions.

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