Middle East chefs help launch butter-based recipe book

Mohanad Alshamali from Dubai, Lebanon-based Maroun Chedid and Ahmad Fraijeh from Saudi Arabia have recipes in the book
Mohanad Alshamali, European butter ambassador in the UAE
Mohanad Alshamali, European butter ambassador in the UAE

The launch of Butter of Europe: French butter, the secret to make the difference took place at Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Dubai on June 20th.

Featuring a host of recipes from chefs from across the globe, including Dubai’s Mohanad Alshamali, Lebanon-based Maroun Chedid and Saudi Arabia’s Ahmad Fraijeh, the book also covers the history of butter and includes tips on how to use it.

Mohanad Alshamali is executive chef at the Bhar restaurant in Renaissance Downtown Hotel and speaking at the launch he said: “Butter is one of the most universal products. You can cook with it, bake with it, or simply eat it unmodified. Due to the versatility of butter as an ingredient it can be used to bring out the flavour in any dish, hence the reason why so many recipes use butter in some form.”

The book is part of the EU and the French Dairy Board's butter awareness campaign and is set to be distributed in the Middle East and Asia.

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