Online searches for ‘seafood’ sees massive increase

Up 820% in the KSA and 170% in UAE

Searches for seafood have increased massively throughout the GCC, suggesting that it’s a food stuff that could be gaining in popularity in the region.

According to digital marketing firm SEMrush, searches for seafood increased by 820% in the KSA and by 170% in the UAE. During the same period in the UAE search terms, beef, chicken, and lamb all increased by 50%.


SEMrush corporate communications manager for MENA region Adam Zeidan said: “As marketers analyse such increases in search trends in the GCC, they can start to understand the scale of the business opportunity and target the right markets. Simultaneously, such online data will make the seafood industry aware of the need for sustainable approaches to harvesting the sea, which is estimated to be worth $300 million annually in the GCC.”

Consumption of meat in the GCC is between three to six times the size of fish consumption but the gap could decrease if the search frequency is anything to go by.

“We can expect more seafood brands to emerge to compete in a GCC region that is also increasingly searching for information on seafood products online. The winners will be those who develop sustainable practices as well as brands that optimise their marketing with digital tools that better analyse consumer lifestyle and dietary preferences,” added Zeidan.

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