Elite French firm brings 'Angelic' taste to region

Part des Anges introduces exclusive selection to Middle East market
Part des Anges' Thierry Richard.
Part des Anges' Thierry Richard.

Last month, a select group of the UAE’s F&B fraternity were treated to an exclusive whisky tasting session with Thierry Richard, brand ambassador for French firm Part des Anges.

With its mission stated as “to reveal exceptional products through an uncompromising selection”, Part des Anges is an elite procurer of rare vintages: a stance one could see appealing to the discerning Middle East market.


The firm’s founders, Laurent Buob and Thierry Richard, travel the world looking for rare and precious spirits, having learned their skills with renowned wine and spirit companies Pernod Ricard and LVMH.

The remainder of the team is composed of oenologists, cellar men and master vintners, who verify the duo's selections.

Aiming to discover “rare and sublime alcohols that will delight the most blasé palate by their audacity and creativity”, Buob, Richard and their team build up a small but sublime collection featuring gems such as champagnes from the best vintages, prestigious whiskies from vanished distilleries and cognacs from Grande Champagne.

The result is always limited edition, with only a few casks available.

“Part des Anges is niche business and that’s how we like it,” asserts Richard.

On his recent trip to the UAE, the alcohol aficionado was hosting a tasting in conjunction with MMI at the new Fairmont Bab Al Bahr in Abu Dhabi, showcasing single malts from Closed Distilleries such as Banff, Port Ellen, Dallas Dhu and even Japanese whisky Hanyu.

It may be a small volume supplier but, as Richard points out, the Part des Anges ethos is perfectly suited to the Middle East consumer.

“I think the people living [in the region] are searching a special life, a kind of adventure, with the best products from around the world,” he observes.

Richard adds that the brand is currently supplying its wares to Dubai and Abu Dhabi — although with such exclusive products, there are “not many bottles to offer”.

Fans of the firm would do well to look out for the latest additions to its exclusive range.

“Every year we have a new collection of Closed Distilleries whiskies,” explains Richard.

“This year we will have Imperial, Glen Keith, Rosebank, Littlemill and a new Port Ellen.”




A top-quality after-dinner whisky
"The Glen Keith 1990 is really smooth, but has the character and the full flavour of a cask strength too."

A vodka to drink on the rocks
"Uluvka or Potocki from Poland."

A champagne for a very special occasion
"Exclusive Vintages Part des Anges 1998 is really a very good champagne; the association of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in this bottle always provoke very strong emotions."


For more information on Part des Anges, click here to visit the website.


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