Two homegrown Lebanese concepts coming to UAE in 2020

Super Snack El Kbeer and Kahwet Beirut are being opened by 7 Management
Lebanese, 7 management, Antika bar, Dubai

7 Management, which brought Antika Bar to Dubai in 2019, is set to bring two more Lebanese brands to the UAE in the coming year.

Street food concept Super Snack El Kbeer and café Kahwet Beirut are both set for Dubai in 2020, with plans to open four more branches for each brand in the coming four years.


Restaurant operator Food Quest is partnering with 7 Management to bring the brands to the UAE.

“We are excited and proud as a group of Lebanese origin to launch two Lebanese brands in the U.A.E. market, which has by far achieved remarkable success in Lebanon” said Rabih Fakhreddine, CEO of 7 Management. “Seven Sisters and Antika Bar were quite an important expansion milestone for us as a group in the U.A.E. and in Lebanon, and our company’s presence has already been firmly established in the region. We are certainly thrilled about the launch and partnership with Food Quest, while consistently gaining momentum to come up with new concepts and ideas.”

Super Snack El Kbeer consists of seven live-serving stations including manakeesh, shawarma, grills, sandwiches, salads, fruit cocktails, and juices.

Kahwet Beirut combines modern urban development with the spirit and feel of the 1950s to offer the essence of Lebanese culture with a twist.

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