Diners shouldn’t let food go cold by taking pictures says Heston Blumenthal

The three Michelin-starred The Fat Duck owner criticised people for not being “in the moment”
Heston Blumenthal.
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Heston Blumenthal.

Celebrity chef and owner of the three Michelin-starred The Fat Duck restaurant Heston Blumenthal has said he’s been tempted to tell customers off for taking pictures of their food.

Speaking to the Radio Times in the UK, Blumenthal said: “At The Fat Duck, we’ve debated this for several years now. If we say to people, ‘Your food’s going cold’, you put up a barrier between you and the diner.”


Blumenthal, who is set to open a restaurant at The Royal Atlantis in Dubai later in the year, said he once told a customer not to take pictures with their flash as they were annoying other diners.

Despite his dislike for the practice, Blumenthal is not yet banning people from taking pictures in his restaurant which charges £325 (AED1,500) for a meal.

He’s not the first chef to bemoan people taking pictures, with Emirates Culinary Guide president Uwe Micheel calling Instagram “a nightmare” for chefs, also saying that customers let their food get cold.

However, some restaurants have embraced the trend, with Parlour Boutique in Dubai actually giving customers an ‘Instagram kit’ to help them take the best possible images of the French concept’s food.

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