Artisan chocolatier offers new range for Ramadan

Forrey and Galland introduces festive offerings for holy month
A selection of the beautiful handmade chocolates by Forrey and Galland
A selection of the beautiful handmade chocolates by Forrey and Galland

Artisan chocolate company introduces festive offerings to meet demand during the holy month

Artisan chocolatier Forrey and Galland will be offering new ranges of sweet delights especially for Ramadan this August.
The firm’s managing partner Isabel Jaouen explained: “Ramadan for us is something really important because it is all about food, and being French chocolatiers in Dubai we always combine and adapt flavours from the region. So our Ramadan collection is not like any other.”


With the introduction of special new lines such as new flavours of macaroons, and the Sushi Roll — a combination of marzipan and layers of chocolate — Forrey and Galland are preparing for a busy summer.
“Ramadan is our busiest time of year so we try to prepare ahead as much as we can. There is such demand there, and we have to be able to supply it,” Jaouen said.

In addition to the new sweets, Forrey and Galland will also be offering special hand-made gift boxes and plates for Ramadan, as well as cutomising products to meet customers’ specifications.

“During Ramadan it is mostly about offering some arrangement which includes something extra — such as combining a nice plate with some chocolate and flowers, personalised arrangements that are a bit special to give to guests, clients, friends or family,” Jaouen explained.

“When it comes to special events, we know people think of Forrey and Galland; it’s something special,” she concluded.

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