English lamb for UAE

Company reveals plans for regional expansion
EBLEX's Jean-Pierre Garnier: delivering a quality product.
EBLEX's Jean-Pierre Garnier: delivering a quality product.

The English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX) — in conjunction with its UAE representative, Richmond Enterprises — has launched English lamb in the UAE.

EBLEX export manager Jean-Pierre Garnier commented: “We are interested in markets for English lamb outside the European Union. We export around 96,000 tonnes of lamb in the world but most of it is in the EU, and now we feel we have a product and quality which wants to be seen in other markets.”


Speaking exclusively to Caterer Middle East, Garnier stressed the importance of being known within the industry.
“I think we want to be seen as the product of reference for gastronomy in the region, because we come from the highest price point and we accept that we are slightly more expensive but in terms of eating experience we want to be the product of reference,” he said.

The company predominantly supplies lamb to countries within the EU, with a quarter of its products being Halal, but will be expanding fully into the Middle East market over time.

“The long term plan is for us to be in the Middle East. We are not yet in every single market but we’re opening in new markets all the time. With the quality of hotels in the region, there is a real demand for quality meat,” Garnier said.

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