Tech advances enhance recruitment

Modern technology helps F&B operators hire the right people
The Address' Vivek Singh.
The Address' Vivek Singh.

Modern technology is helping F&B operations hire the right people, according to recruitment professionals.

Vivek Singh, HR director at The Address Dubai Marina, explained: “The way we go about recruiting in this region — where a lot of new hospitality staff are brought in from other countries — has completely changed, thanks to technological advancements.

“Nowadays we can use Linked In as a tool to get references, or conduct an interview via Skype, or employ social networks as a tool to find candidates.

“Everyone uses these methods now, and really it’s more comfortable — if you can interview face-to-face as opposed to over the phone, you can connect better.”

Singh added that, with operators around the world increasingly turning back to a selection process — using talent-based or strength-based tools to select staff — technology had another key role to play.

“Everyone seems to be trying to get the right tool into their selection process,” he revealed. “The right programme can help us find like-minded people; we are working on that right now.”

Al Manzil and Qamardeen Hotels’ F&B manager CD Kotze agreed this technology could “help a great deal in identifying the right person for a role.”

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