Meat trends are on the moo-ve

Supplier sees increasing regional demand for grain-fed livestock

Middle East meat trends are evolving, with a new emphasis on grain-fed livestock, according to one meat and livestock industry expert.

Meat and Livestock Australia regional manager Middle East and North Africa, Lachlan Bowtell, explained: “There’s been a change from ‘let’s just get something on the plate’ to ‘let’s get story food on the plate’ — and that’s what Australia does extremely well.

“We can say a piece of lamb or beef comes from a certain region, under a certain brand. And we’re very focused in that sense, so I think that that is really being appreciated, particularly by the middle-range and top-end outlets in the Middle East,” he said.

In addition to the new preference for grain-fed animals, Bowtell said there had also been demand for different cuts.
“Previously, someone might have bought a Wagyu tenderloin, and paid an absolute fortune for it. Now they might be buying Wagyu rump or topside as an alternative, or perhaps buying lamb shoulders instead of lamb legs, so there has definitely been a change,” he emphasised.


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