Brandview: Capital Hospitality

The Abu Dhabi-based company is in its second year, with the team and infrastructure to deliver diverse events


Capital Hospitality was founded in 2015 by ADNEC Group with the aim of providing a 360˚ holistic approach to catering.  The company is the exclusive caterer within Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre and Al Ain Convention Centre.

With a team of chefs from across the world, operating in state-of-the-art, newly-renovated kitchens to specialise in Emirati and Arabic cuisine, Capital Hospitality has the capacity to deliver from 20 to 20,000 customers per day, supported by its specialist in-house pastry and bakery kitchens, delivering freshly-made desserts and bakery products all produced from within their facilities.

Ensuring that the company had the right people for the job was a key concern, according to the director of Capital Hospitality Jonathan Dowse who was brought in by the ADNEC Group management to build the in-house catering company: “Our team of operators have joined us from around the world with wide-ranging experience from local UAE hospitality to major sporting and music events, catering for thousands on a daily basis. Our service and support staff have joined us from over 20 countries and have been hand-picked by myself and our senior management team.”

Capital Hospitality’s competitive edge is its attention to customer service.  Dowse says: "Our client attention differentiates us in the world of catering which is ruled by companies that have a lot of demand. By making client satisfaction our top priority, our clients, over time, will come to value the attention that their requirements are provided, hence, forming a long-lasting relationship with Capital Hospitality. "

The catering service provider’s other point of differentiation lies in its creative approach to cuisine. A lot of catered food has remained unchanging and unimaginative for a long time. Capital Hospitality is taking their knowledge of different cuisines and creating inventive alternatives that are pleasing to the palate.

Though providing creative dining options for its customers is an important part of its offering, Capital Hospitality’s priority is to ensure that every item that leaves the state-of-the-art kitchens complies with strict food safety regulations. Dowse concludes: “Our aim is to provide delightful, high quality, safe food that meets customer satisfaction. Based on the Codex Alimentarius HACCP requirements, we have designed and introduced standard operating procedures to all our operations to ensure due diligence and safety by preventing physical, chemical, microbiological and allergenic hazards. This risk-based approach helps us to maintain highest standards of food safety.”

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