Spending power of Chinese tourists on F&B shouldn’t be underestimated, says consultant

SPS Affinity managing director Peggy Li told GM Debate they spend between $400 and $600 per trip
Hotelier Middle East Great GM Debate 2019.
Hotelier Middle East Great GM Debate 2019.

Chinese-speaking tourists to Dubai are not all on all-inclusive tours and many spend large amounts of F&B in the city, according to SPS Affinity managing director Peggy Li.

The business consultant told Hotelier Middle East’s Great GM Debate 2019 that tourists from not just China, but Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Chinese-speaking territories spend on average between $400 and $600 on F&B per trip to the Middle East, and so hotels should look to cater to them with more Chinese-speaking staff. 


Speaking at Le Meridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre, she said: “The shifting of the Chinese tourist diversity has come a long way. Yes you have busloads on an all inclusive tour, but you have more wanting to plan their own itinerary who are younger and more affluent, who have studied in western countries. That’s who you need to capture.”

Li also noted that there are 330,000 Chinese national living in Dubai who have spending power, but many of them struggle with English, so having more Chinese-speaking staff on duty would benefit not only tourists but ex-pats.

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