Alto-Shaam showcasing Vector series at GulfHost

CEO stresses importance of getting new tech in front of customers

The Vector series of multi-cook ovens is the jewel in the crown for Alto-Shaam and at GulfHost the company is showcasing exactly what they can do to its potential customers.

For President and CEO Steven Maahs it’s a vital part of what has made Alto-Shaam the success they are today.


Speaking on the opening day of GulfHost, Maahs said: “Alto-Shaam was born by coming to trade shows and demonstrating products that didn’t exist before. We did that 60 years ago with the cook and hold oven. We were one of the early companies with combi oven, that also had to be shown what it could do based on what it could replace in the kitchen, and now we’re doing it with Vector.”

The team is showcasing the three and four chamber Vector series which can cook items individually with total control of temperature, fan speed, and time in each oven chamber for maximum flexibility.

Vice president business development Brian Jahnke also extolled the virtues of showcasing it to the very people who will be using it, while hailing its benefits in reaching a whole new sector of customers.

“The smaller operations, the snack bars, the coffee shops, the Vector is perfect for them.

“That medium section of the market is really growing in the Middle East. The Vector came along at the same time as that market which was great for us.”

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